Better Suited To Meet Your Needs

The close of the transaction represents an unbelievably exciting time for our company, and this translates in expanded benefits for our customers.

Our combination with GeoEye has been done with an eye towards building a company that would provide a more comprehensive suite of geospatial information products and services to help customers solve an increasingly complex array of problems.

The combined DigitalGlobe is better positioned to provide a wider array of imagery, information, and advanced analysis capabilities that can help you solve your most complex problems, enabling you to save time, money, and lives.

Larger Constellation
We now boast the constellation power of five high-resolution satellites, a worldwide network of polar and equatorial remote ground terminals, and literally billions of square kilometers of archived, high-resolution imagery.
Better Suited to Meet Your Needs
We are committed to providing elevated value through a growing suite of world-class solutions, when you require it, all within your existing workflows.
Better Decision Making
With an even deeper experience pool, the combined DigitalGlobe can leverage the knowledge and expertise of some of the world's best geospatial production and analysis professionals.

DigitalGlobe expects a seamless transition for all our stakeholders, and we remain committed to continuing to deliver customer value with the same level of innovation and service that you have come to expect.